Spark Sub

Exclusive artwork and unique designs delivered right to your door monthly. Choose from 4 options. It's time to add some gorgeous quirk to your planner or journal!


1. Decide your sub option!

No matter your stationery style, Spark Sub has the perfect option for you. Choose from 4 physical options or visit to shop the printable option.

2. Choose your payment style

Get a recurring charge each month or pay 3-6 months in advance during checkout.

3. Unique stationery is on the way

Once you've checked out, it's time to chill and wait for epicness to hit your doorstep!


Tell me about Spark Sub!

I'm glad you asked ;) Spark Sub is a monthly stationery subscription for the surreal. There are 4 options to choose from, 3 of the options are physical, subscription-style. With the 4th option being printable @ // See more info about the digital subscription below. Each month contains exclusive artwork with unique designs curated by me. I'm pleased to say all items in Spark Sub are made in the USA!

Can I see the contents of each month before I purchase? 

Spark Sub is a mystery subscription; a preview graphic for the following month is shown before the billing date of the following month. Visit @ to see previous themes in detail.

When will I be billed? When does Spark Sub ship?

Subscription signup rebills take place on the 1st of each month. Your Spark Subs will ship around the end of the previous month. For example, your February sub will ship around Jan 27th.

How do pre-pay options work?

Sign up for 3month terms or 6month terms in advance to receive a discounted price. If purchasing one of these options, you'll be billed for the full amount + shipping at checkout. Any changes or cancellations to these options will not be applied after the selected term has ended.

When do I need to sign-up by to receive the current box?

Sign up between the 1st and 20th of the previous month to receive the most current Spark Sub. ie. Signups on/before June 20th will most likely receive July's box.

When is my cancellation deadline?

As with the prepay terms, any cancellation/changes must be done before the last day of the month. With rebills taking place on the 1st, if you cancel after the 1st, you will still receive the final kit. For example, to cancel March's kit you must submit the cancellation on/before January 31st or you will be charged on February 1st. Cancelling Spark Sub only cancels future renewal charges, it does not entail refunds for shipped and/or paid-for kits.

When is Spark Digital available?

Spark Digital is not a monthly subscription, however, it arrives in the shop on the 1st of each month. Unlike the other Spark Subs, Spark Digital will be listed here on A Little Spark website.

Can I purchase without a subscription?

The only way to purchase the physical Spark Subs is through subscription.